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Cherub DP-950 Drum Tutor - øvelsespad med metronom


Cherub DP-950 Drum Tutor - øvelsespad med metronom
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Smart øvingspad med innebygd metronom. Orange pad.
• SpeakOn AS tar forbehold om eventuelle skrivefeil og prisendringer.


Multifunctional, can work as metronome, counter and drum machine, to make your drum learning & exercise easier.
Lightweight and portable design makes it convenient for you to practice drum at anytime and anywhere.
Recognized hand feeling of beating drum by specialized drummers, close to the feeling of leather drum.
Digital LCD screen, provide excellent visibility.
Adjustable volume, avoid disturbing others when you are practicing.
9 types of drum rhythm, provide you a various choices.
Various training modes; Beat counting mode, mute counting mode, gradual up/down mode and step up/down mode.


Tempo range: 30-260bpm
Power: 9V battery(Included)
Electronic sound and drum sound are optional for metronome.
Beat counter:
Counting duration, choose from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds.
Drum styles:
9 different drum styles: (1)Disco(2) HardRock (3) Hip-Hop (4) Arena Rock (5) Bossanova (6)Samba (7) Cha-Cha (8)POP (9)Funk
Training function:
Beat Counting Mode
               T1=Mute Counting Mode
               T2=Gradual Up/Down Mode
               T3= Step Up/Down Mode
Power: Dry battery 9V or adaptive 9V AC
Weight: 784g